Virtual e class 11 Home Learning Daily Video

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Virtual e class 11 Home Learning Daily Video,Gujarat e class

 Virtual e class 11 Home Learning Daily વર્ચુયલ ક્લાસ નો સમય સવારે 11:00 કલાકે- વિષય – નામના મૂળ તત્વો,,,, બપોરે 12:00 કલાકે- વિષય – આંકડાશાસ્ત્ર  ,,,, બપોરે 01:00 કલાકે -વિષય – અંગ્રેજી,,,, ,,,  

How to watch Virtual e Class 9 to 12 Home Learning Daily?

For gujaratsarakarijob viewers Link given below, click your standard and enjoy for home learning video for daily.

નીચે આપેલ વિષય મુજબ ની લિન્ક ઓપન કરી દરરોજ ના વિડિયો તેમાં મુકાશે તે આપના સમયાનુસાર જોઈ શકાશે.( દરરોજ ત્રણ ક્લાક વિડિયો મુકાય છે.)

  1. std-11 નામના મૂળતત્વો
  2. std -11 આંકડાશાસ્ત્ર
  3. std – 11 અંગ્રેજી

Home learning Video time table for January 2021 .pdf Download: Download Now


Virtual e class 11 Home Learning Daily Video Update by Gujarat board,Home Learning Gujarat Std-1 to 12,Gujarat e Class, Home Learning Video, Vande Gujarat Channel , Diksha Android App for learning Video,Programmed  By Gujarat Board his official Website: Because it is not possible to call the students to the schools for academic work due to the current Corona epidemic in the academic year 2020- 21 which started from June 8. So that Gseb Board Announced the educational programs prepared for the students and home learning of Std-1 to 12, from the state level for the educational work of the students are being broadcasted 24 hours a day from ” Vande Gujarat Channel No. 1 to 2 live ” by Bisag Channel and also starts Youtube channel : Gujarat e class  and  Vande gujarat channel 1


Home Learning Video Daily Date wise Update :

Home Learning Gujarat  Door darshan’s D.T.H. Service, Bisag channel D.D. The channel ‘Vande Gujarat‘ is available on Free Dish. In addition, educational programs have been started on TV from 19.05.2020, i.e. from Door darshan Kendra DD Girnar channel.

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Home Learning Video Daily Schedule :

Parents as well as students have been informed by the principals and teachers of higher secondary schools to inform about this “home learning” program in the letter dated Reference-2 here. Due to the epidemic of corona, students can study at home from 12.05.2020.  The program “Home Learning” for students from 1  to 12th has started broadcasting from DD Girnar channel, Diksha App, Gujarat e – class, Microsoft Team App along with the schedule of broadcasting of educational programs for the month of June to continuously.
Students of that standard will not miss the program as per the given date and time.  Hobby  In order to enhance the academic work, the principals and teachers from your class are immediately informed and asked to make necessary arrangements for the success of the program.
You are also asked to provide necessary instructions and guidance to be vigilant in making necessary notes, to keep in touch with the school principals and teachers for this “home learning” and to make appropriate arrangements from your level for guidance and monitoring so that every child watches and studies this broadcast.






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