Math Puzzle Games With Answers

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50 Mind-Blowing Math Puzzle Games With Answers That Are Fun To Solve And Will Blow Your Mind.

Math is an essential part of life, but it’s also fun to just play with. Here are 50 simple Math Puzzle Games With Answers that will exercise your brain and give you something to do when you’re bored. These puzzles are just the right level of difficulty, so anyone can solve them without getting frustrated. They also get progressively harder as you go down the list.

Here are some of the most difficult math puzzles. Solving them is no easy task, but these things are so mind-boggling it may drive you to insanity.They maths puzzles with answers for adults are all extremely difficult and will require a lot of mental power to solve. Some will make your brain hurt and others can be quite impossible to solve even with the help of a calculator. If you enjoy math and logic problems, these riddles should keep your brain busy for a long time.


Math Puzzle For Kids, Adults : Photo Puzzle and Symbol Sums

Math puzzle game with answer 5

Answer : 5+(1×10)= 5+10 =15


Math puzzle photo2

Answer : 8×9 = 72


Math puzzle photo1

Answer : 15+10×4=55

Math puzzle photo1











Answer : 20+2×4 = 20+8 = 28.



Can u make this equations correct using three of these four symbols? + – x  ÷

Order of operations doesn’t apply & no fractions or negative numbers are involved.


math puzzle


math puzzle answer1


The math puzzles in the article are a great way to exercise your brain and refresh it. We have also added a list of best free online puzzle games for you to relax and enjoy yourself. This is an ultimate collection of mind-blowing math puzzles that will test your problem solving skills, logical reasoning and give you a fun time while trying them out.



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