Gujarati Calendar 2021 ( Vikram samvat 2077 )

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Gujarati Calendar 2021 , Vikram Samvat 2077 pdf Download

Hello Everyone, We Just Launched  Gujarati Calendar 2021 ( Vikram samvat 2077 ) pdf Download, Gujarati Panchang, tithitoran, Specially For Gujarati People,Gujarati Calendar 2021 pdf Download, Gujarati Calendar  month Wise you can download to free.

Gujarati Calendar Month : November 2020 ( Kartik Mahino)

Gujarati Calendar Month : December 2020 ( Kartik/Magshar Mahino)

Gujarati Calendar Month : January 2021 ( Magshar/Posh Mahino)


Gujarati Calendar Month : February 2021 ( Posh/Maha Mahino)

Gujarati Calendar Month : March 2021 ( Maha / Fagan Mahino)

Gujarati Calendar Month : April 2021 ( Fagan/ Chaitra Mahino)

Gujarati Calendar Month : May 2021 ( Chaitra/ Vaisakh Mahino)

Gujarati Calendar Month : June 2021 ( Vaisakh / Jeth Mahino)

Gujarati Calendar Month : July 2021 ( Jeth/ Ashadh Mahino)

Gujarati Calendar Month : August 2021 ( Ashadh/ Shravan Mahino)

Gujarati Calendar Month : September 2021 ( Shravan/ Bhadrvo Mahino)

Gujarati Calendar Month : October 2021 (  Bhadrvo/ Aaso Mahino)

Gujarati calendar 2021 pdf download: Click Here


Vikram Samvat Gujarati Year History : 


Vikram Samvat or Vikrami may be a Hindu panchang prevailing within the Indian landmass. it’s the cultural and official Panchang of Kingdom of Nepal and in several places in Bharat. In India, it’s a conventional panchang in many countries. Vikram Samvat has been occurring because the official establishment of Kingdom of Nepal. The synodic month and star sidereal years square measure utilized in it. the start of this Samvat is believed to be from Hindu calendar month Shukla Pratipada in Gujarat and Chaitra Shukla Pratipada in Northern Bharat. The follow of keeping a year of twelve months and per week of seven days started from Vikram Samvat itself. The account of the month is unbroken at the speed of Sun and Moon. These twelve zodiac signs square measure the twelve star months. Sankranti happens on the day the Sun enters the zodiac sign. On the total moon day, the moon is called when the constellation within which the moon is. The year is eleven days three times shorter than the tropical year, that is why one month is else to that each three years (see Adhikmas).
On the day once the new Samvat begins, the king of the year is set in step with the day’s war. for instance, 14-March-2016 was the primary day of Vikram Samvat 2085. On Sunday, March 18, the sun are the king of the year.
In the early inscriptions, these years have are available the name of ‘Krit’. Vikram Samvat gets its name unambiguously from the eighth and eighth centuries. In Indic star divination, solely the name ‘Samvat’ is often used (not ‘Vikrami Samvat’) to point a distinction from the Saka Samvat.
In Hinduism, Pratyapada of Chaitra Shukla Paksha begins the new era. it’s conjointly referred to as Indian New Year. it absolutely was started by Vikramaditya, thence it’s conjointly referred to as Vikram Samvat. apprehend what happens Vikram Samvat, its starting and the way completely different it’s from alternative calendars.The reason behind the official adoption of Shaka Samvat is that the outline has been seen within the ancient writings, rock articles. except this, this Samvat started when Vikram Samvat. it’s seventy eight years behind from land calendar, 2020 – seventy eight = 1942 so 1942 Saka era goes on without delay.It is aforesaid that King Vikramaditya started it. the best stargazer in his time was Varahamihira. With whose facilitate it helped unfold this era. it’s fifty seven years prior to land calendar, 2020 + fifty seven = 2077 Vikram Samvat goes on.

How the Gujarati calendar works:
This calendar is made on the idea of the sun and therefore the moon, the planet revolves round the sun in 365/366 days. this era was recognized mutually year. throughout this era, the Moon completes concerning twelve revolutions of the planet, that the entire year is split by twelve. They were named to work out the twelve components of the year so as. that is like this-
Ekambar (31) September (31)
Duiambar (30) Octamber (30)
Tiriamber (31) Number (31)
Chauthamber (30) December (30)
Panchamber (31) Gayarambar (31)
Sixth (30) Barber (30/29)

Gujarati Days Name are monday- somvaar, Tuesday-  Mangalvaar, Wednesday – Budhvaar, Thursday – Guruvaar, Friday – Shukrvaar, Saturday – Shanivaar, Sunday – Ravivaar.

Names of months – Month wise Nakshatra
Kartik      – Krittika Badi, Rohini

Magshar  – Mrigashira, Uttara

Poush       – Punarvasu, Pushya

Maha       – Magha, Ashlesha

Falgun     – Purvafalguni, Uttarafalguni, Hasta

Chaitra     – Chitra, Swati

Vaishakh – Visakha, Anuradha

Jeth          – Jeth

Ashadh     – Purvashadha, Uttarashadha, Satbhisha

Shravan    – Shravan, Dhanishtha

Bhadravo  – Purvabhadrapada, Uttarabhadrapada

Aaso           – Ashwin, Revati, Bharani

There square measure 2 sides in every month, that is termed Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha.

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