Gseb Textbook Std- 9 to 12

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Gseb Textbook Std- 9 to 12 :

Gseb Textbook Std- 9 to 12 By Gujarat Board ( Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board ) for New Syllabus for Academic year 2020-2021.

How to Gujarati Medium Textbook Download  Standard 9 to 12 By Gujarat Board

Gseb Established :

Establishment of Gujarat State School Textbook Board This was done on 31st October, 1918. For the last thirty eight years, the Mandal has achieved its main goal of publishing high quality textbooks and making them accessible to the students of Gujarat at reasonable prices. Mandal publishes Gujarati medium textbooks for Std. 1 to 12. Textbooks are also published in Hindi, English, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Tamil.


The following meeting-committees are constituted to ensure that the overall management of the congregation is carried out with certain objectives. (1) General Meeting (2) Board of Directors (3) Working Committee (4) Educational Committee (4) Research Committee (4) Production Committee The above committees provide advice on how the congregation can be run smoothly

Congregation distribution work: 

The printed textbooks are distributed all over Gujarat through cooperative based organizations. Vendors are paired with textile retailers in each district for retail operations. Retailers are registered with the Board. Textbooks are easily accessible to all students of this system. The Mandal also has its own sales center in Ahmedabad (Cell Depot, Godown No. 2, under Asarwa Bridge, Ahmedabad – 30 014 Phone: 2120). Textbooks can be obtained from any organization or individual student on a retail basis. Textbooks can also be obtained from the suburbs by money order or bank draft.

Congregation research work:

The textbook board is not satisfied with just publishing textbooks. Research work is also being done to keep improving the quality of textbooks. Talented individuals ranging from primary teachers to university professors are involved in assessment programs and other academic programs. Textbook Editing Training Camp and Talent Search Program for Textbook Writers, Consultants, Translators etc. have been conducted.

Work in new areas of the congregation Textbooks on basic subjects:

By publishing 6 textbooks of basic subjects from 12th to Std. 11-12, the board has provided basic literature to the students of that field through textbooks of more subjects for public examination. Thus, the Mandal has been able to contribute to the important work of human research and development in the fields of rural and agriculture.

Standard 9 to 12 Gujarati Medium Textbook given below this link ,Textbook Standard 9 to 12 By Gujarat Board you just click on Subject button and download it.


                                                                          Std – 9

Gujarati English Hindi Science
Math S.S Sanskrit Computer

                                                       Std – 10

Gujarati English Hindi
Math Science Sangeet
                                                                                                Std – 11
Science Stream Commerce / Arts Stream
                                                        Std- 12
Science Stream Commerce / Arts Stream


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